Modern Warfare 2 - Class Editor v3.4


Update v3.4
- Updated the way Class Colours Works
- Moved the Unlocks Button to a more obvious place.
- Added 'Custom...' option to Weapons.
- Fixed a minor bug with Secondary Cammo

What is this tool?
It allows you to modify MPDATA's (with ease) so you can have classes with 3 Primary weapons, 4 Perks etc...

Does this work online?
It DID before the patch, but for now its just for Split-Screen OR LAN Partys.

How To Use
1. Create a Split-Screen Profile. Edit\Add a few Classes to it.
2. Quit MW2 and Copy the Split-Screen Profile to a USB Memory Stick.
3. Plug the USB memory Stick into your PC, Open my program and Load the MPDATA (In the Split-Screen Profile folder on your memory stick) into my program.
4. Simply edit your classes.
5. Save the MPDATA over your old one. Copy it back onto your PS3 and Load up MW2.

Video Tutorial - By: Marenkiuszz

NO THIS DOES NOT WORK ON MAC's (Unless you have a Virtual Machine running Windows)


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